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Technical Guides

Colour Variations:

Due to the hand crafted nature of Winchester Tiles, the surface undulate gently, allowing natural shading to occur. These distinctive yet subtle variations in the shade of each tile, moulding and border mean no two pieces are ever identical which gives a wonderful impression of depth to tiled areas, adding to the beauty and charm of our hand crafted tiles. There may also be subtle shade variations between the background colour on decorative tiles and their matching field tile due to their handmade nature.

Before fixing tiles it is important to lay them out in good light to ensure that any shade difference is evenly distributed.

Some of our glazes are subject to crazing, in particular Soft Yellow, Marine BlueCeladon and Deep Turquoise, this is an inherent part of our hand-made tiles and adds to their rustic nature.

When using in wet areas, crazed tiles should be sealed with an inpregnator to stop moisture penetrating the body of the tile and causing discolouration.


All dimensions shown throughout this website are nominal due to the hand-made nature of the tiles, actual dimensions for individual tiles may vary from these figures.


In the USA, please follow the recommendations of a reputable adhesive manufacturer and always comply with the American National StandardsInstitute (ANSI) specifications as set out in the Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation published by the Tile Council of America.

How many tiles will you need?

Once you have decided on your tiles, calculate how many you will need by measuring the area to be tiled using the tables below or our Tile Calculator.

Nominal Dimensions Linear Metres

Special Care:

Wash down tiled surfaces with either clean water or a neutral (i.e. not acidic or alkaline) detergent. Dry off and polish with a dry duster.

Residence: All Foundry Metallics;  Cosmopolitan Bastille; Lagoon; Tourmaline; Arcadian Teal;  Chateaux Ormeaux on Bastille; Ormeaux on Lagoon

Classic: Deep Turquoise; Emerald Green; Lime Green; Jade; Marine Blue; Moonstone; Prussian Blue are copper-based glazes which are prone to discolouration by the very mild acids often found in the home, for example in lemon scented soaps. To avoid this, wash them with clean water only and wipe dry them. Tiles in these colours are recommended for use in dry ares only, do not use tiles near the kitchen sink or in shower cubicles.

Tiles used on work surfaces will show signs of wear and surface scratching. Winchester Tiles are not suitable for exterior use.


Owing to variations in studio lighting and printing inks, the tile colours shown within this website may differ slightly from those of actual tiles. Before making your choise it is always advisable to ask your Winchester supplier to show you samples.