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Arguably the cornerstone of the Winchester portfolio, our Residence collection features a range of beautifully crafted, hand finished ceramic tiles. From pared back, glossy neutrals to breath-taking patchwork patterns and deep jewel tones in bricks, field tiles and half tiles - Residence has it all.

The Residence range is divided into categories, each with their own personality and distinctive style: Cosmopolitan, Metropolitan, Arcadian, Foundry Metallics, Chateaux and Decorative tiles. Read on to find out more about what makes each so special.



A beautiful range of glossy ceramic tiles in a selection of neutral hues, from palest ‘China White’ to the moody dark grey of ‘Sloe’. Alongside is a selection of strong colours to add a dramatic edge, including rich blue ‘Amun’ and dazzling emerald green ‘Tourmaline.’

Glazed in our factory in Exeter, these tiles boast an intense richness of colour and the way in which the glazes naturally pool on the tile base creates a striking and reflective effect.

Brick tiles, field tiles and smaller half tiles are all available, creating an interesting choice of combinations.

Chalk ceramic field tiles


The distinctive sheen found on our ceramic Metropolitan tiles can only be described as lustrous. Coupled with a lovely palette of soft colours including pink ‘Blossom’ and chic grey ‘Heather', the result is a truly unique effect that is almost iridescent.

We also offer matching mouldings to provide a finishing flourish to ensure a refined and put together aesthetic. Which colour is your favourite?



Lazul ceramic field tiles

Arcadian’s calling card is a gentle crackle effect that forms as our ceramic tiles are baked in the kilns. When they emerge, you can often hear the soft pop as the crazed effect appears, making every tile totally unique. We have developed a capsule palette of chalky colours that look great on the walls of just about any area of your home. Field tiles, half tiles, two brick shapes and a choice of two mouldings make this collection really versatile and effortlessly sophisticated.

Metallic Roman Gold


Foundry Metallics:

For the dramatic among you, this is the range you’ve been waiting for. Not for the faint hearted, this collection of five metallic shades all but glows and can be used to create some truly amazing feature walls.

Available in five different formats, we invite you to mix and match different sizes to create a random effect that reflects the uniqueness of each individual tile, but looks stunning overall. Due to the firing process, rustic clay bases and the way in which every glaze is mixed by hand, every single tile looks slightly different, but no less beautiful than the last.

Chalk ceramic field tiles



One of our proudest moments has been the introduction of the Chateaux range. We simply couldn’t anticipate the popularity of this patchwork wonder, and the intricate details of the pattern coupled with the diverse colour palette have made this an instant bestseller. The patterns of Chateaux were inspired by cultures from around the globe, with items like pottery, rugs and architecture all playing a part. Hand crafted in our factory, each tile takes days to make as each of the colour glazes have to be applied one by one, with the tile fired in the kiln in between. A labour of love, some might say!

Decorative tiles



Our range of decorative tiles is sure to add personality wherever they are used. Designed to co-ordinate with plain tiles, you can use as many or as few as you’d like to achieve your chosen look. From colourful, delicate Butterflies to aromatic Herbs & Spices, the depth of detail is unparalleled.