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Our Classic collection of charmingly simple tiles are no nonsense – with a beautiful colour palette of neutrals alongside more zingy shades, these tiles are available in a field or half format with co-ordinating mouldings.

Lazul ceramic field tiles

Manufactured at our factory, these plain tiles are glazed using the special waterfall technique to ensure excellent coverage and two glazed edges, eliminating the need for a finishing piece (though these do look fabulous when used). The glossy surface shows off the gorgeous glazes at their best, with each tile looking slightly different to the last.

Dazzling shades of ‘Emerald Green’ and ‘Prussian Blue’ give way to vibrant ‘Vermilion’ with moody ‘Grey’ and inky ‘Black’ at the other end of the colour spectrum. Of course, we also have a selection of whites, beiges, creams and taupes for those who favour a neutral palette.

Classic Decorative tiles:

Hand painted and decorative tiles have an undeniable charm, from cute bugs to delicate blue Delft flowers, we have a wide selection of styles to suit any space. From individual tiles to statement 40 tile panels, you can use as many or as few as you’d like depending on your personal taste. Whether you’re decorating a country kitchen, child’s bathroom, hallway or splashback area, there’s sure to be a design that will bring your walls to life and a smile to your face.

BugsDelft Chickens